Preview of an advert on Vespa

In return for sponsoring our project we offer promotion in several forms:

  • Advertising right here on our expedition pages, at the same place as our travelling blog. Here on Facebook, we have still growing group of fans and people, who support us. However, we expect major increase in popularity of our pages only after the journey will start. Until then there after all not so much to write about :o)
  • Logo of sponsoring company placed directly on our machines (which will be on the photographs from our trip and placed in every article or report).
  • After the end of our expedition there is already arranged a photo exhibition from our travel in Olympia centre Mladá Boleslav, which is one of largest shopping mall in region. This exhibition will be placed in the hall of the centre and will last for 1 month. Preliminarily it is arranged to October 2015. That is to be adjusted accordingly to the date of our return and the schedule of events in Olympia centre. With this exhibition is again applicable, that on some photographs will be the motorbikes with sponsors logos. In addition there will be separate page with list of our sponsors. According to the facts about attendance in Olympia Mladá Boleslav shops 380 000 persons monthly.
  • In our E-book will be list of all of our sponsors including logos and links. We calculate with the space 2 leafs - 4 pages. This e-book will be delivered to all of our supporters and then afterwards to everyone who buys it.


For now we managed to establish cooperation with these media:

  • Company Piaggio, manufacturer of Vespa motobikes, will publish on their Facebook pages series of articles about our expedition www.Piaggio.com - number of fans on FB including Vespa pages(which fall within their competence) is more than 1 000 000
  • Traveller's website Hedvábná stezka will post reports during our journey (the article about our planned expedition was already published) www.HedvabnaStezka.cz - monthly visits 118 000 persons
  • Chief editor of magazine Outdoor promised an article after the end of our journey www.iOutdoor.cz - number of copies 8 000/month, readership 23 000
  • Vespa club ČR is fully supporting us and on their website will be published a photo serial www.Vespa.cz
  • The magazine České Motocyklové Noviny will publish articles during our journey. We will get also direct advert space here. www.CMN.cz - number of copies 23 000/month
  • Magazine MotoRoute will publish articles during our journey www.MotoRoute.cz
  • journal internet server Novinky.cz will publish articles(so far agreed on 3-4) during our journey www.Novinky.czone of the most widely read journal servers on Czech internet - approximate daily visits 1 175 524 persons
  • north Czech journal Litoměřický deník will publish several articles from our journey in its printed form Litomericky.Denik.cz


      Also there is a plan to contact some media on the road.

We work all the time on establishing new contacts

If you want to contact me you can use this mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.