The first factory Bolloré was founded in 1822. The second was opened in 1893 in Cascadet Mill and specialized in the production of thin and cigarette papers, manufactured exclusively from linen and textile fibers. But the story OCB began to really unfold only when René Bolloré created in r. 1918 brand Odet Cascadet Bolloré. At the beginning of fifties of the twentieth century the cigarette papers OCB were used to roll more than 140 billion cigarettes - every one of the ten cigarettes in the world. Among smokers of hand-rolled cigarettes around the world OCB has earned a reputation for maintain a consistently high quality. OCB Premium was the first brand that started using printing holograms. Each stage of production is closely monitored due to ensure product quality and to improve its manufacturing techniques. Brand loyalty of our customers is a barometer of our success for over 100 years ... This could explain why the OCB enjoyed for so long good reputation around the world.

For more than 100 years, we are here with you. With OCB you can roll anywhere and anytime, and thats why we are here!


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