Packing for this journey was a little bit unusual, this time. You are leaving for a longer time and you start to realize, that you're packing more gear than usual. One moment I'm putting my t-shirts and socks from closet into my bag, and another I'm folding them back into the closet. Well, we need not be modest, Tuktuk can carry it all even the closet, at least, there will be a plenty of clean clothes, for every day.

One of the hotels in price range considered by usAccommodation One of the hotels in price range considered by us

Unusual is also the fact, that we're carrying almost half a bag of coffee - a gift from one of our sponsors. The whole bag is scented by coffee and I suddenly realize, that it could be a nuisance - drugs are mostly smuggled in the coffee. The flight was pretty good, but in Bangkok it came. Police dogs were looking at us as if we have a cat tied on a backpack, so customs officers took us aside to search our backpacks.

Outlook from our windowOutlook from our window

After opening all of the packages of coffee, without drugs of course, it came to the worst. We were due to the inspection of body cavities. We start to sweat like hell. Salvation comes unexpectedly from two gentlemen in pink shirts behind us. It seems like they are happy to undergo it, instead of us. We don’t understand it, but we take it with all ten fingers. After a while of wooing from all of us and a small coffee bribe,  the customs officers finally consent.

In Bangkok, We are looking for hotel, according to our price options. It will be our home for the next 14 days or so. We found an acceptable price/size ratio, and so when we dumped into our room – which will fit in just one average Thai family (without dogs) - our entire circus, all of the surfaces, including floor, are completely covered. Thanks to an ingenious system - what is in front of you, throw behind - you can even stroll through the room. But on the bright side (of life), we have the only one of 20 rooms on the floor, with window directed out of the building and even with an outlook.