About Expedition

   Thanks to the lack of finances we failed to make the journey in year 2014. Project is postponed for the beginning of year 2015. Meanwhile we had a lot of time to think how it will proceed. There was a question, what we will do when our Vespa conks out and just jokingly we said that we will come home then by a TukTuk, which is the most common Asian taxi. I really started to like that idea and so it came to joining two ideas. We will buy a TukTuk and drive it home. But the real fun is in the thing that we will work as proper taxi, and along the way we will pick up locals and drive them for our and their amusement. Of course we won't work totally like a taxi and so we won't drive people on order (that way we wouldn't reach our home ever), but we will drive them along our planned route. In return I will now and then make portraits of our passengers and possibly of their jobs, houses, simply whatever opportunity will offer. After the end of our journey I will arrange those pictures into an electronic book and publish it on internet. As a second means of transport and support vehicle will serve Vespa to us, whom we simply refuse to give up.

   Thanks to this plan we need to adjust also our route. In Vietnam there is no TukTuks  and so our starting point is capital city of Thailand - Bangkok. This place is swarming with those little buggers. Paradoxically it have some advantages for us, mainly in the fact, that we won't hopefully have to fight that strong bureaucracy as in Vietnam. But not to shorten the route too much, we will make a digression to Cambodia and Laos, which were on the original route.