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We are all the time troubled with seeking Vespa. We're studiyng adverts, because the sellers want terrible amounts. Biggest problem are again leagal documents. Motorbikes are imported as parts and then somebody assemble them together. To acquire registration documents the motorbikes have to go through customs. So a lot of them is driving without any documents.

These small scooters are regarded as the most dependable working motorcycles in Bangkok.Vespa is a toiler These small scooters are regarded as the most dependable working motorcycles in Bangkok.

Vespa like that can be obtained for something like 20-30 thousands Baht in classified ads. In the shop 40-50. With the documents in the shop 70-80(rusty junker 50).Calling in reply to the ad's is quite strange - 90% of people don't speak english. Sometimes they will just say Vespaaaaa. No, no, no, no, no. With the help of locals we ring round some more ads. Often unsucessfully. Sometimes we manage even to set up meeting, but without satisfying results. When we are totaly depressed and we hassled all english speaking locals in the range of 2 km, we start the real fun. We're discovering in google translator the words we need and we let them get played. I'm giving it a try and it looks like a breaktrough. Instead of usual no, no, no I'm getting mai, mai, mai("No" in thai ). After several phonecalls reminding Thai lesson for mentally disabled, we go to hassle people again. When I'm taking our notebook with me I learn, that most of those ads is circa 2 years expired. I think that with "maj" I got it pretty decent. If somebody phoned me like this, then this word will be the most polite word in all conversation.