About us

Martin Měchura

    Someone maybe knows me, someone don't. My name is Martin Měchura. I'm from small village called Horní Řepčice near Litoměřice. In present I live in Mladá Boleslav. I do work at heights and I'm a member of climbers club of MB. I like to travel :o) My friends keep saying that I'm a traveler, but I met some so I don't think so :o) During last few years I visited with my friend some European countries e.g. Romania, Norway, Iceland... for short time.

Bigger actions came later:

2008 - north India - 2 months
2010 - Egypt - solo action - 2 months
2011 - Turkey - hitchhiking in Eastern part - 1 month
2012 - south-east Asia - 2 months
2014 - south India - 1,5 month

    One of my hobbies is photography. I do enjoy the most portraits and pictures of everyday life. On this journey I intend to pay full attention to this subject. Every time I travel I do write my experiences back home. I do not take myself too seriously and so it is always a bit of fun and a bit of making up. But everything is based upon real story :o)

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Petr Petříček

    My name Petr Petříček. I'm from Mladá Boleslav, where I live to this day. I work as design engineer. I'm member of basketball team TJ AŠ Mladá Boleslav already for 20 years. And nearly for the same time I do white water kayaking. And actually thanks to the kayak I started to travel. Nowadays I can't imagine my life without traveling and so I'm trying to make at least one exploratory journey every year. While traveling I like meeting new people and seeing new places, however I don't have to see all touristic attractions. Since 2007 I added motobike driving to the list of my hobbies. I like the freedom and independence of such a traveling, without the necessity of complicated planning. When Martin confided to me with his plan once, to go to Vietnam for a Vespa, I thought that it is good idea. I said something like "Get the money and I'll go with you". Well, he took it seriously!

Some of my previous traveling deeds:

2008 Ukraine - on foot wandering around Crimea
2009 Sveden - canoeist tour with scout group to Lapland beyond polar circle
2012 Albania - Moto (off)road trip around Balkan
2013 Turkey - canoeist "vacation" on the rivers of eastern Turkey

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.