Photo galleries

Photo galleries are showing pictures from my previous travels. I want to present regularly more pictures from our expedition.

I hope that you will enjoy them Martin


Here is last gallery from India - slightly forgotten. It shows pictures from Delhi and also some from our visit to Himachal Pradesh.



One of the last galleries originate in Himachal Pradesh and in Jamu&Kashmir where we visited some parts of this state. Mainly Kashmir and Ladakh my beloved place in India.



We whizz to the west and so we reach central part of India, ie north central part. Here are the places renowned all over the world such as Varanasi or Khajuraho. And now just have fun



We continue our journey through India in our pics and so here is another batch. This time West Bengal and Bihar



Because Idia is very colourfull and all the time is something happening I'm taking many pictures. For this reason I will publish them in smaller groups on the website. These are from Manipur, Nagaland and Assam.



This is a photogallery from our short but exciting trip to Myanmar. I didn't managed to take much of pictures, so I hope that at least the little something will make you happy :o)



When we left Laos we had to go back to Thailand. At the time the border crossing between Laos and Myanmar wasn't opened yet. According to latest news this no longer valid.



Pictures from our expedition, this time form Lao PDR


In this gallery will be published pictures mainly for the fun and they are of lower quality. Most of them is being taken in last moment or just by a chance. It is collection of everything possible we were able to scrape off of the road.



Photogallery from our trip around Cambodia. Interesting country which is normally connected just with the monument Angkor Wat, which we also didn't missed of course.