It starts to happen to us, that some people recognize us in the streets - mainly professional drivers like other tuktuk and taxi drivers. From them we 're maybe even getting biggest support. Whenever we go somewhere they wave to us and show us a lifted thumb. In one shop we were approached by one tuktuk driver. We think that he will offer his services to us as usual, but he just says: "You buy tuktuk". And thumb. It's time to get out.

Po zhlédnutí toho, jak se vybavují místní se naše jistota vytrácíSituation underestimation? After seeing how locals get equipped, our assuredness vanishes
Vybavujeme vším co uvezemePreparations climaxes We try to equip with everything we can carry

Our preparations are almost finished. We bought last spare parts, which we can carry. We would preferably take Tuktuk and Vespa twice for spare parts. Thanks to assorted complications we overrun our planed stay from 2-3 weeks to 4, which is a bit too much for us. In Bangkok we started to go with closed eyes and we can open tourist office with information how to get where you need in here.

Trust of local people in Vespa have no limits. When we are buying last things we get throttle cables, lightbulbs and tyres. We got no more ideas what to buy, so we explain to the guy, that we have 15 thousand kilometers ahead of us and like what he will recommend as spare parts. We await that he will start to heap half of the store, but the guy just turns around and lays spark plug on the counter. Two of them. Let's hope that his trust proves well-founded. So what, the die is cast :o)

Jak je vidět povinný obraz do státních budov není zrovna drobekCause of accidents As you can see the mandatory king portrait is not exactly a lightweight

Thailand had till recently high percentage of accidents in schools. For us quite not understandable. From light ones, across broken bones up to some tragic incidents ending by death. They were hit in class by falling mandatory picture of king. Until we saw the picture with our own eyes it didn't make sense. In the end, to stop this accidents, a decree was issued, that the wall which holds the picture have to be concrete one and the picture is to be hanged on steel hook 3cm in diameter.