Tuk sleeping in rubber tree plantationTuk sleeping in rubber tree plantation

    Today I will describe the advantages of driving tuktuk. Professional tuktuk driver is having unlike for example truck driver both hands tanned. Another advantage - the most significant feature which you will notice when driving our cart is it's speed. Maximum achieved speed is circa 58 km/h, but then you wouldn't hear ship siren over the engine noise. Such common travel speed is 50 km/h. That's ideal speed for traveling in the world, because nothing will escape your attention. At the same time you have almost no problem with traffic limits - you can go at the full speed village or not. Just sometimes they have limit 60 km/h so we have to speed up. We didn't get the fine for speeding, but we're trying as hell. Of course on 30km it will not be fair, even almost cowardice so we don't try there. Not that we avoid fines, but not yet for speeding.

 When you get paper like this you have to hand in your papers in returnFirst official When you get paper like this you have to hand in your papers in return

    Fines are a chapter by itself. As soon as we got stopped in Thailand by a policemen it is clear that we will pay. So far the worst fine was for two things at the same time - we don't have road tax paid(and as foreigners we are unable to do so) and what's more according to the cop we're not allowed to drive the tuktuk. It finishes by removing my driving licence and I have to stop by next day for it. Funnily looking station assembled of two Portakabins and hidden under highway flyover becomes even more funny during an attempt of explaining the offence. At the station nobody speaks English and so we are communicating with the help of thin police vocabulary, which contains just phrases:"Hello, how are you.","It would be *fill in the sum* baht.","Goodbye" and with the help of nicely made Thai-English fines menu. I'm trying to explain that my international driving licence covers also driving tricycles and that our tuktuk is no more a taxi, but private vehicle(difference in plates). It is going rally hard, because both of us just basically repeat the same, but as the saying goes repetition is mother of wisdom and so the guy is getting wise slowly and from 1000 baht we descend to 300. Satisfaction on both sides. So far it was the only official fine(all of the others were bribes) and so far the most cheap one.