Beautiful border, unfortunatelly for us not workingBorder with Cambodia Beautiful border, unfortunatelly for us not working

    Owing to the fact that our Thailand visa are almost expired, we have two possibilities. Either extend our visa in Bangkok = more delays, or cross the border. Of course we are for the second option and so we run like a wind(in our case more likely a breeze to windlessness). The only dial in tuk is ammeter. According to it we dash it almost 15A(by estimation 50 km/h). As soon as you manoeuvre out of Bangkok (which took almost 20Ah = 40km) the landscape starts to be pleasant - everywhere a rice field and after almost a month spent in a city it is a superb look. On the way tuktuk misbehaves and so we look for a repairmen, but what's wrong - nowhere in the surroundings nobody knows a zilch about tuktuks. Since we left Bangkok we haven't met a single tuk in 300 km. We must go for the border in any case. Visas are expired and for every day there is a fine fine. Border is nice but unfortunately for us they are unable to clear through customs a international traffic. To avoid more sanctions a get new visas he need to cross the border at least by foot - get Cambodian visas and enter the country again. Because we are looking for some info wee crisscross the border in fact illegally and with no passport. In the end some guy makes visas for us and so after getting visas we enter Cambodia only virtually. We've made a fine trip for fine and now we can fool around in Thailand again.

Thai custom clerk in Hawaiian uniformThai custom clerk in Hawaiian uniform

    After the repair of toucan on the ground in front of bus station we go again to Cambodian border. This time another border crossing. We were warned before that it is almost impossible to cross with tuktuk. Cambodians allegedly don't like Thais and tuktuk is a symbol of Thailand. Some time we try to persuade custom clerk to let us out of country. Registration documents are not in our names, but we have a buying agreement. They let us out and now the ball is on Cambodian side. Cambodian visas we already mastered - we don't do them for first time :o) In addition we fill in a lot of papers and we go. Through the border I gurgle in tuktuk as sign says. Barrier is up and so everybody including me pass through. Kozáč on Vespa is stopped and checked. In a minute he joins me and we're in. YYYEEEEAAAH CAMBOOOOOO BABY. Some guy on motorbike is catching up with us and says something about going through without customs and I have to go back to the border. In the office is quite a nice guy and we chat. Afterwards quite calmly says, that he won't let me into Cambodia. WTF???? I have to have some letter from capital city to continue. I'm telling him a half-truth, that my friend passed through (I'm not telling him that he went with motorbike - those are with no problem). In the end he lets me go with the resolution that he won't give me a stamp and he will leave it to custom officers whether they let me go or not. One of them seems to have a good mood and when I explain to him everything he says: "I'm supposed to check whether you have visas and entrance stamp. Which you have. Concerning me everything is all right". Yyyyeeeeaaah Camboooo baby.