Main Vespa mechanic is in checkered dressUdon Thani Scooter Club Main Vespa mechanic is in checkered dress

    When we drove around Laos a problem on VESPA with gear shifting surfaced. Sometimes the gear fell out and sometimes we were able to shift to neutral in the position where it shouldn’t be at all. In Laos there is not so much Vespas and so after crossing back to Thailand we are looking for help here. We’re not sure how widespread Vespa services are in Thailand and so we go in first bigger city Udon Thani to search blind. We’re being directed to some place where we really found a small workshop, but the guy is supposed to come at noon. At 3PM he’s here like a charm. From our friends at Vespa Club Czech we got tips leading to potentional culprits and so we do arrangement quickly even without english. The guy still wants something and so we’re using Google translator(the best help in need) to understand each other. Thai language is quite difficult and with every written letter the context changes completely. When he started to write the English side was saying Friend, that changed immediately to Bitch then through My friend and The bitch with last letter written the English part stops with just one letter “I”. Even despite all of the gaps in this system we finally got to know that tonight at 8PM his friends will come and they would love to meet us(although it is possible that we have a meeting in Night Club at 8).

    After 8th the guys – members of Udon Thani Scooter Club - are really gathering(well night club maybe some other time).They are really excited by our expedition and give us stickers of their club and then even club T-shirts. They are a cool bunch, making trips all over Asia and they arrange a fun ride with us. Just a small one, because tomorrow is a working day, but it is fun even so. Mechanic with nickname Beer worked 9 hours on our engine. He discovered even more problems of which we hadn’t a clue and fixed them. In the morning we got escort which leaded us nicely out of city and after another 30 km they said final goodbye. We acquired several friends there who helped us several times with their net of contacts. Thanks guys.