Arranging visas is also one of curious chapters in our lives in Bangkok. Myanmar is one of the countries which opened just recently for the world and tourism is playing constantly more important role there. We expect it to be peculiar - there are still parts of the country, where tourist can't go and another, which are accessible just with special permission. Our expectation of peculiarity was fulfilled - we didn't even managed to take the ticket with order number and it's our turn. Some grandpa,who was in between also called, is pressing on us from behind. At the window we are rejected with the question about driving in, with answer that they have no information and to pay for the visas. They only ask whether we want visas today or tomorrow. Tomorrow is good enough. In course of 3 minutes we are standing outside - Kozáč is still clutching the ticket, which, in that speed, he didn't managed to hand over. So much for the embassy of one of most guarded countries of recent past. But how it will look like on the border we don't know. According to accessible informations it is almost impossible, or just for such a money we don't have for all the expedition.

    The more surprising is Indian embassy. Here they want so many documents that we are unable to get it. Man must prove that nobody in his family in 7 generations back wasn't Pakistani. A bit of a problem is, that thanks to official Indian belief it is not just about your family tree, but also about all reincarnations into which all your ancestors turned. In this it is about the same theme - you have to prove, that none of the reincarnations is not villain and so you have to have certificate from vet, that there was not documented any case of attack on human by your ancestors and if there was, then all the details of that incident. Greatgreatgreatgrandpa was a mosquito and so I'm afraid that I don't even get the visa. This embassy we have to visit, due to the paperwork, repeatedly and for the visa we have to wait a bit. Exactly as they say in the leaflet on embassy - Incredible India.

    During one of the visits it is starting to rain a bit. Of a bit if a bigger bit and of it quite a flood. From the most severe rain everyone hides, but just as it starts to ease up the streets are being filled again. But the streets are filled not just with people. On the side-walk there is water almost knee deep(my knee, most of Thais is having it almost up to throat :-) Bangkok is called Venice of the east and the similarity is not ending just with channel transportations. People are fording across the cross walk and buses with motorbikes are driving as if nothing happens. They just push in front of them a wave which is enough to surf on. But the best in it is how the people are taking it. Overall atmosphere is reminding me first winter snow in kindergarten. Majority of people is laughing, sometimes is to be heard some screeching, when somebody get wet more than desired. The only difference is, that snow doesn't smell like cesspit and there are no dead rats in it.