After long period of failure we start to consider emergency solution with Vespa. One of them is to buy expensive Vespa, through which you can see the road and second is to buy super-expensive Vespa, through which you can't see. Both from a shop of a merchant. When we finally decide to take super-expensive, there emerge another opportunity - gorgeous, incredibly cheap, but circa 1000km from us. But for the money... We wait for the weekend, but suddenly the guy don't have time and supposedly in a week. No way. In total desperation and depression I discover a new ad. We arrange meeting immediately and we go there. Vespa is good, but as we learn on the spot, it was standing 6 years in garage and doesn't thrum. Not a Vespa more. Next day we take tuktuk and we go for a distance of 2 fines(cca 15 km) through Bangkok. On the spot we tear out the seats stuff the Vespa inside. The seats follow back and the remaining space we fill with Kozáč. Vespa won't budge. Along the journey locals wave at us and sometimes even take a picture. Ensue a swift repair by pros in Piaggio service - above all unusual(nobody is taking us to shop spare parts and it looks like they would prefer if we even weren't there). On our return to hotel there awaits a surprise. In front of hotel is a delegation and the major himself is handing to us a honorary citizenship for transport of Vespa in the style which will leave no local guy embarrassed.

Info about the machine for interest:
Volume: 125 ccm
Type of engine: 2 cycles, 1 piston
Year of manufacture: 1965
Vin starts with (for gourmets from ranks of Vespa maniacs): VNB6T

    During our stay in the hotel we also notice unpleasant sides of residing in a district, where only foreigners live. The most tormenting and ingenious at the same moment is a form of livelihood of one of the local beggars. Every night he appears in front of our hotel and plays a flute. Two hours. At a stretch. Only song over and over again. After two days we know it by heart. After one week we contemplate how much to give him to never hear him again. After two weeks we speculate best way to dispose a body. Now we get used to it and we are tooooo toooo toootally all right.