Vespa surounded with bags

   Our motivation on this trip is not to prove that it is possible (of course, that it is. Why else we will do it.). Not even some race with time.Nowadays, when the travelling is really easy, is this a little bit the return to real travelling in the style of old caravans. There is many similar projects, so what makes our expedition extraordinary? Maybe is it that we want to start our journey without big preparations. Because of the nature of our project. Our motorcycles won't be no shiny new pieces, but old used machines, with for example 50 000 km on the clock. It will be mainly about proving that we can make it. And that it is possible to manage it even on old motorbike without special modifications :o)

  I like to travel and this idea seems to me slightly crazy and really funny. I like to discover foreign cultures and I love to take pictures. Thanks to our own means of transport is easier to reach places, which are not visited by many tourists, and they are often more interesting than touristic attractions. And as one old motto says:"Journey is the goal" so in this case it is supposed to fulfil in 100%.