So we finally have it. Cuddly beast. Here is a bit sick and so he is getting ride. I will never think that it is done like this. And what's more, it's tied up with something like rubber from sweatpants. There is no better feeling than when you're sitting in tuktuk and on every traffic lights that yours is trying to snuggle from behind. Now we are thinking about the name since we don't drive it. When we start it will get a ton of new names. Any suggestions?

Technical data - manufacturer Daihatsu, two cylinders, two strokes, volume 356 ccm. Probably. That's the maximum we're able to read from those thai noodles. Who is better in this can look on last photo (papers).

Last but one picture is possible organ donor.

Packing for this journey was a little bit unusual, this time. You are leaving for a longer time and you start to realize, that you're packing more gear than usual. One moment I'm putting my t-shirts and socks from closet into my bag, and another I'm folding them back into the closet. Well, we need not be modest, Tuktuk can carry it all even the closet, at least, there will be a plenty of clean clothes, for every day.

One of the hotels in price range considered by usAccommodation One of the hotels in price range considered by us

Unusual is also the fact, that we're carrying almost half a bag of coffee - a gift from one of our sponsors. The whole bag is scented by coffee and I suddenly realize, that it could be a nuisance - drugs are mostly smuggled in the coffee. The flight was pretty good, but in Bangkok it came. Police dogs were looking at us as if we have a cat tied on a backpack, so customs officers took us aside to search our backpacks.

Outlook from our windowOutlook from our window

After opening all of the packages of coffee, without drugs of course, it came to the worst. We were due to the inspection of body cavities. We start to sweat like hell. Salvation comes unexpectedly from two gentlemen in pink shirts behind us. It seems like they are happy to undergo it, instead of us. We don’t understand it, but we take it with all ten fingers. After a while of wooing from all of us and a small coffee bribe,  the customs officers finally consent.

In Bangkok, We are looking for hotel, according to our price options. It will be our home for the next 14 days or so. We found an acceptable price/size ratio, and so when we dumped into our room – which will fit in just one average Thai family (without dogs) - our entire circus, all of the surfaces, including floor, are completely covered. Thanks to an ingenious system - what is in front of you, throw behind - you can even stroll through the room. But on the bright side (of life), we have the only one of 20 rooms on the floor, with window directed out of the building and even with an outlook.

The first factory Bolloré was founded in 1822. The second was opened in 1893 in Cascadet Mill and specialized in the production of thin and cigarette papers, manufactured exclusively from linen and textile fibers. But the story OCB began to really unfold only when René Bolloré created in r. 1918 brand Odet Cascadet Bolloré. At the beginning of fifties of the twentieth century the cigarette papers OCB were used to roll more than 140 billion cigarettes - every one of the ten cigarettes in the world. Among smokers of hand-rolled cigarettes around the world OCB has earned a reputation for maintain a consistently high quality. OCB Premium was the first brand that started using printing holograms. Each stage of production is closely monitored due to ensure product quality and to improve its manufacturing techniques. Brand loyalty of our customers is a barometer of our success for over 100 years ... This could explain why the OCB enjoyed for so long good reputation around the world.

For more than 100 years, we are here with you. With OCB you can roll anywhere and anytime, and thats why we are here!


OCB logo big

Sfagnum Balneo are balneologic products, which are made of peat and clays, extracted from ecologically unburdened countryside. These products are 100% natural and don't contain conservation substances. Thanks to its high content of mineral substances and humic acids, these products are ideal as a care supplement during rheumatic diseases, osteochondrosis, healing post-operative scars, severe acne cases, fungi etc.

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It starts to look here like some kind of telemarketing website :o) There will be some more adverts though, but in near future we will start to put here some travelling posts.

Starting 8.3. Sunday to Bankgkok

Coffee BANUA, 100% Arabica, is prepared exclusively from freshly roasted and carefully selected coffee beans. Those come from mountain plantations in region Chiapas and others selected coffee plantations in Latin America, where coffee beans have ideal natural conditions for its growth.

After the harvest coffee beans awaits long process before it turns, during the roasting, from green beans into freshly roasted BANUA coffee beans. And this very roasting is one of most important steps during coffee production. Thanks to delicate way of roasting you can find tones of nuts and chocolate in the taste of BANUA coffee.

Try and taste quality, freshly roasted BANUA coffee...

Thanks to the cooperation with company which manufacture this coffee, we will discover coffee culture of the countries we will pass through.

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Hi everyone,

with our expedition happened an unexpected incident









now we don't know what to do with it :o))

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