Company Simon is engaged in manufacturing and selling of letterboxes for appartment blocks and prefab concrete buildings including arrangement of dismantling of old ones and installation of new ones. They also make stainless steel home letterboxes intended for fence mounting, into doorpost or on the gate including custom made letterbox exactly according to customer's needs. Installations are done throughout the Czech republic and Slovakia. They make classical home letterboxes as well as big systems for prefab concrete buildings and there is no problem to order a letterbox at, where you will find also a galery from manufacture to order or you can request manufacturing according to your needs.
This purely Czech company from Kostelec nad Orlicí have decided to support us financially.


Company PowerCube deals a unique power plug system. Thanks to this system with modern and functional design you can solve problems with plugging different devices for example chargers. Devices thanks to it don't obstruct each other and thanks to its modularity you can build extension cable in the way you need it.

This device will accompany us on our journey



Company 4ISP runs already several years e-shops with wide range of camera CCTV systems at address and with CNC components and machines at Now also newly a store with LED bulbs and lightning at

As they say themselves:"Thanks to our long-term successful work WE KNOW HOW IS IT SUPPOSED TO DO and how not. Our philosophy was always maximal helpfulness towards customers not just during the sale but also during subsequent consultations about installation and connection of systems."


Company I-Tec Czech s.r.o. is engaged in selling municipal vehicles for 18 years. As the name gives a cue, they supply mostly Italian technology, which belongs to those best in its field. On Czech market they supply light utility vehicles, municipal vehicles, municipal carriers, tools, working machines and municipal carriers for work in municipal greenery, city clening, collection.

This company will support us on our journey.




Company Půjčovna-stanů.cz became our new sponsor.

Company is renting military and party tents. You can cover your open air events for the case of bad weather.

This company is led by a man who travelled big part of our journey on motobike and is, thanks to that, also valuable source of informations for us.



Purely by accident we managed to make another important media partnership. When I was sending e-mail with offer on my new calendar, somehow the address of Piaggio mixed in. So I sent them message in Czech language and then social media representative wrote back to me, saying that they will be glad to post our news on their facebook pages as #VespaHeroes. Their Facebook pages including Vespa have more than 1 000 000 fans. Thanks to this we will be visible abroad - which can be a big advantage for our sponsors




We've been approached by Litoměřický deník with their intent to publish an article about expedition and then some more from our journey. With this they've becoume our another welcomed media partner.


Litomericky denik-logo-big

This is a display of how the TukTuk plan originated
During my India trip I created, together with my friend Hannes Schulze, short clip about our idea going home by TukTuk. Somehow like this it all originated.
PS: Pardon my acting. It was my first role :o)
Script: Martin Měchura
Camera: Hannes Schulze
: Hannes Schulze

Company Carwelt is engaged in selling cars. New ones and also used ones. But not only just that - they are capable of arrange for You also vintage cars and motobikes Vespa :o) On all of this they can arrange financing and insurance. More informations is on their webpages